Perfecto biker jacket

Chiodo Biker Jacket

Chiodo Biker Jacket is an evergreen classic lambskin jacket wich never runs out of fashion.

Born in the USA in 1913 from the genius of two brothers Irving and Jack Scott who designed it on

request from a motorcyclist to protect himself from the cold an the rain, the real deal is they

used a zipper for the very first time in a leather jacket so that was the start of the idea of

Chiodo biker jacket. It became the official jacket for all the bikers as Long Island the official

Harley Davidson distributor helped the Scott Brothers to launch the jacket on the Harley

Davidson advertaising. Chiodo biker jacket was born to be only in black leather and

durable trought the time for the use of the jacket needed by the bikers instead.

The main characteristics of the jacket are the presences of zippers and buckles,

snap fasteners under the collar to avoid the flapping when the motorcyclists reaches the

highest speed. A central zip slighty moved on the side and two zippers on the sleeves.

Rain and wind flap under the central zip in addition.

This jacket reached the peak of fashion from the ’60 to the ’90 as actors and singers

like Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Fonzie and Bruce Springsteen used it in their films o concerts.

Then in 1978 thanks to the film and musical “Grease” where the mighty Jhon Travolta and Olivia

Newton used it in some scenes of the film, the Chiodo leather jacket was used by the women

too. Through the years the chiodo leather jacket did not change his main style but some

personalized details were added like patch pockets and pyramid studs as well.

So when you wear a Chiodo biker jacket you not only have a beautiful sportive jacket

with an incredible style but you wear a piece of history and tradition with a soul in it.