Why choose an Italian Leather Jackets

What’s the difference between a Leather Jacket and an Italian Leather Jacket, crafted by the greatest artisans of the Eternal City?

Made in Italy means fine quality, authenticity and tradition, the artisans at Puntopelle have refined their techniques for generations, because our product is developed around the quality and not quantity. A proper leather jacket will not only last you forever, it’s also timeless and extremely versatile. Every jacket we make goes through an accurate process, starting from choosing the colors and the design, to the actual hand stitching which happens in the lab inside out beautiful Boutique in Via Margutta, 45, close to Piazza di Spagna. We only work with the top quality of African Lambs skin, Spanish Entrefino and French Plonge. All tanned in Italy. Everybody knows that Made in Italy means something more in terms of quality and authenticity but..why is that? When you look for a luxury Italian Leather Jacket you will not just find a boutique inside the beautiful centre of Rome, you will find the story of an ancient City that is ever changing, and you will wander through the stories of the craftsman as well as you’ll wander through the streets of Rome.

You will see how artisans craft their works and you will lose yourself around our the beautiful colors and leathers covering our shop. You will breathe the skin of you Jacket and design it side by side with Sefa while drinking some Italian coffee (because that’s a must and we wanna take care of that for you!). Your Leather Jacket has to reflect your attitude through colors, style and fitting, and this will be made possible thanks to the careful attention to the details you pick, like the initials of your name or something you want to sew on your unique Italian Leather Jacket. This makes your leather jacket such an amazing and priceless piece of clothing. It is a piece of Italian fashion that will last forever and will forever be connected to the story of Rome. An Italian Leather Jacket is not something that you just wear, it is something that you feel upon you. You feel the comfort of the leather as well as the roman breeze on your shoulders, you feel the perfect size fitting on you body as well as you feel the attitude and the Italian romance inside you. Leather Jackets are something meant to last forever, to go through generations and they will add an Italian trait to your family.

That’s why we custom made.

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Luxury Leather Jackets

Our made-to-measure atelier offers outstanding sartorial skill and uncompromising perfection, 100% Made in Italy. The very highest standards of quality and customization are guaranteed through the selection of exclusive fabrics and priceless materials, combined to an invaluable heritage of Florentine artistry, craftsmanship and know-how. PuntoPelle’s Master Tailors set off from the banks of the river Tevere to reach their clients throughout the world and insure the most exclusive made-to-measure service. Complete personalization and absolute originality is proposed through innovative customizations, catering to each and every desire of an élite clientele. Located near Piazza di Spagna, Puntopelle is the perfect boutique for whom who doesn’t settle and always look for the best. Rome and our Jackets made people like Carlos Santana fell in love, among many other worldwide celebrities.

Because Made in Italy means success, freedom, taste and creativity. I remember how, when Mr. Carlos Santana stepped in our leather shop in Rome, we were amazed
and speechless. He choosed the materials , the style and we customized everything to make a perfect leather jacket . After that he was so happy about it and he gave us his signed guitar. Leather Jackets have a particular charm, they have something transgressive even if modeled on a classic cut, which tends to strike the primordial instincts of men, and it is thanks to these characteristics that leather has created many subcultures, from metropolitan to luxury, specially in the twentieth century.
We will be glad to guide you through the process of choosing what fits you the best to create an everlasting handcrafted Jacket. Italian leathers, handcrafted by skilled artisans and made in the traditional way, offers a quality that is unbeatable and Rome is the perfect place to pick up leather goods made in Italy Now go wander around Rome, feel the romance and the warmth of the locals, get lost in this amazing city and create new memories that will last forever, we’ll be here crafting you amazing and timeless italian leather jacket.

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