Hess deer/mink

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Hess is a black reversible  deer skin jacket, mink lined with mink collar.

thats why it is an elegant extremely light weight  bomber for very cold winters.

This jacket is available in black. Can be made in brown on request.




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Daniele is a short leather jacket and is one of our best selling pieces.

The style was named after our Italian customer, Daniele,

who has ordered and designed himself this tailored jacket.

We have made some changes and alteration to improve it for other customers as well.

It mainly comes in black but of course we have about 200 colors of skins in stock to customize it for your requests.

Many people asked also in dark chocolate brown.

The leather jacket has gun color zippers in front and at the sleeves.

This comes in total leather or some parts can be made with perforated skins as well

to keep it lighter for warmer cities like southern California , Florida or Saudi Arabia.

This jacket is available in black and brown.

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903.00 1,290.00


840.00 1,200.00

Leonardo is a beautiful leather jacket was designed in honor of the new arrival to our family,

my grand child Leonardo.

It was called so after him and is a reversable leather jacket on one side and a rain coat on the other.

It is the perfect jacket for the younger customers

as the price is affordable for everyone and it has a removable hood and collar .

This jacket comes in dark chocolate color on the leather side and

black material on the other side.

The skins used for this cut are really soft but durable and water resistant.

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840.00 1,200.00

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