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Story of Tanning

Story of Tanning


Allow me to share with you the story of leather tanning, an ancient art that has been intertwined with mankind’s history for centuries.


From its origins in shelter and protection against the cold using hides from livestock, to the sophisticated techniques we employ today, leather tanning has truly stood the test of time.

We believe that the techniques of tanning, known as vegetable or bark tannings, have originated in Egypt on the Nile river, making this a time-honored tradition that continues to be practiced to this day. It is an important milestone in mankind’s technological development, yielding a durable and versatile material.

Middle Ages

Throughout the middle ages, the story of tanning flourished, particularly in Rome.

During the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany perfected the art of leather tanning.

The leather tanning industry thrived in medieval Italy, producing leathers of unparalleled quality.

Today, old generations pass down these ancient techniques to the new generations, protecting their secrets.

Italy is a global leader, producing 16% of the world’s leather and two-thirds of Europe’s.

At our leather shop, we source all of our leather from the renowned ‘Golden Triangle’ of leather production in Tuscany.

As a traveler in Italy, you may find yourself wondering what to shop for during your visit.

The options are vast, with hundreds of Italian-made luxury products to choose from.

Borsalino hats, featherlight cashmere shawls, and silk nightdresses are just a few ideas.

Our Jackets

Our custom-made jackets combine Tuscan excellence and Italian craftsmanship.

The result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, carrying the prestigious “Made in Italy” label—a true testament to its world-renowned quality.

As one of the authentic leather shop in Rome, we deliver exceptional quality and custom-made leather jackets and furs for four generations.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Italian craftsmanship where tradition meets elegance and come visit our shop and experience the finest Italian leather creations that blend heritage, style, and individuality.

Generation after generation, we uphold the timeless allure of “Made in Italy”.

Step into the world of PUNTOPELLE and discover our remarkable leather jackets.

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