Story of Tanning

The tanning of  the leather  is considered to be one of man kind oldest activities. 

 In addiction the hides removed from livestock 

were always used for shelter or protection from the cold 

  taking advantage of their natural water-resistant and temperature isolation qualities.

The techniques nowadays , known as vegetable or bark tannings 

are thought to be originated in Egypt on the Nile river.

 An important step in mankind’s technological development, 

so the tanning produces a durable material. 

This technique was expanded throughout the middle ages,

 especially in Rome.

 Moreover the tanning reached  it’s perfection 

 in the height of the Medieval Italian Renaissance in Tuscany.


Italian Leather

Medieval Italy was the perfect environment for the leather tanning industry to explode. Guilds were formed to protect the secret techniques used to produce quality leathers unrivaled elsewhere in the world. These techniques are still closely protected family secrets, handed down from generation to generation in the areas the world’s best hides have been produced.

Today Italy accounts for around 16% of world leather production and over two-thirds of all leather produced in Europe. All of our leather is sourced from the ‘Golden Triangle’ of leather production in Tuscany.

Traveller in Italy

As a traveller you might often wonder what to shop during your visit in ITALY! There are hundreds of Italian-made luxury products to choose from, Borsalino hats, featherlight cashmere shawls, silk nightdresses are just some ideas, but if you are looking for the ultimate leather jacket of your dreams made by the best Tuscan leathers…yes Italy is definately “the place”. Our custom made jackets are the result of these very fine Tuscan tanneries combined with Italian Style, precision and professionallity of our tailors! The final product is an unique master piece with the world guarantee label “ MADE IN ITALY” by PUNTO PELLE the real leather shops in rome!!!



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