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Our vision

A 4th Generation Family Owned Business.

Sefa Sezgin
Owner and Designer.

When your proposals and your ideas meets mine through our art we give life to a new model, each time unique, beautiful and exciting.

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Our Leather

PuntoPelle is a 4th Generation Family Owned Business located near the beautiful Piazza di Spagna. 

For years we have been bringing a new style of high fashion into the Eternal City of Rome.

The process of selecting our materials is highly accurate, Sefa and Tiziana personally choose the leather they are working on.

As the best leather shop in Rome we find ourselves very comfortable looking towards hundreds of different materials to pick the best ones such as French Plonge, Spanish Entrafino, South Africa and North Africa lamb skins tanned in Italy.

These precious skins are hand cut and sewn by our  amazing staff at Puntopelle  Workshop in Via Margutta, 45 in Rome, (near the Spanish Steps)

Our Workshop

If you stop by our boutique in Via Margutta 45 you will see, behind our amazing jackets and selection of leathers and colors, where the magic happens and where we craft your unique masterpiece. Since we started Puntopelle, we kept the production as close to us as we could  keep control over the whole process of crafting. We love to custom make leather jackets for very demanding  customers who seek perfection. We are glad to guide the costumer through the process that brings his/her  leather jacket alive. Because this is not just a Leather Jacket but a lifetime piece from us.
All of our creations are handmade with an extreme attention, from the first design to the smallest detail and the best artisans of the Eternal City are working right now, by the side of Sefa Sezgin, to craft another eternal and unique piece. Each Jacket has its own look and each one of them tells its own story.

About our row materials

Exquisite quality at affordable prices, we offer tailor-made leather garments according to your goals and wishes.

Only top quality leather is good enough for our philosophy.

All the fabrics we use are pure wool, cotton, cashmere and silk. These fabrics are woven in Italy. Same materials are used by Italy’s leading fashion houses as well including Armani, Prada and Loro Piana, just to mention a few of them.

Our professional and  skilled tailors craft the leather garments one by one and not in series. The garments are partially sewn by machine, partly by hand.

If you are really looking for quality garments, choose PuntoPelle , Your Leather Shop in Rome.

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Write us an email, or call us, and we will design together your amazing, handcrafted leather jacket.

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Via Margutta 45, Rome. Italy.