Royal Vest

2,086.00 2,980.00

This beautiful royal vest is a vest in Loro Piano cashemere reversible with stable details all around and in front.

It is a superb peace which every women dreams about.

The sleeves are detachable in wool. The color is in brown shades and it has a belt.

The hood is at the same time a large collar which can be shaped in different way.

The Royal vest has also two side splits opening the west all the way down from under the arms.
Keeps warm and is very elegant.

This is a new entry , when we say new, it means since a few years as these garments are lifetime and you don’t want them to run out of fashion.

So they become a classic piece for a lifetime use. only one piece in stoke


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Chinchilla Fur

4,500.00 9,000.00

Classy handcrafted Chinchilla fur for her.

Woman fur in pure natural chinchilla color.

Horizontal processing.

Chinchilla Fur

4,500.00 9,000.00


1,488.00 1,860.00

Kirby is a beautiful shearling  jacket crafted by hand with leather details. Many people ask me what shearling is and want to know what kind of skins are used.

When we first started using the shearling back in the 1970’ s it was than known also as “montone rovesciato” or inverted sheepskin.
Shearling is a skin from a recently shorn sheep or lamb that has been tanned and dressed with the wool left on. It has a suede surface on one side and a clipped fur surface on the other.

Usually the suede side is worn outward.This coat only upon request is available also in  black and dark navy blue.

Since then many things has changed and now we have reached a very high level of quality which means much lighter jackets than the old shearlings.

Which were a lot more heavier and harder than the new generation of materials offered by the ongoing technology in the Italian tannery.

Now we’re able to craft beautiful and tailored pieces like Kirby.

This coat is available in Dark brown leather. black and blue colour on request.


1,488.00 1,860.00


945.00 1,350.00

Sonia, reversible lady  jacket  one side in nappa and suede the other side , closing with buttons.

This jacket is on stock in red. Can also be made in  black, brown and deep blue colors  on request


945.00 1,350.00

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