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Our raw materials

Our raw materials


Our raw materials are made of an exquisite quality at affordable prices, we offer tailor-made leather garments according to your goals and wishes.

Only top quality leather is good enough for our philosophy.

All the fabrics we use are pure wool, cotton, cashmere and silk.

These fabrics are woven in Italy.

Same materials are used by Italy’s leading fashion houses as well including Armani, Prada and Loro Piana, just to mention a few of them.

Our professional and skilled tailors craft the leather garments one by one and not in series.

The garments are partially sewn by machine, partly by hand.

Ask us for advice on fashion, trends and fit.

Prices low in terms of quality.

Are you really looking for quality garments?

Choose PUNTOPELLE then.

The Leather Shop in Rome.

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