Justin black leather jacket

Justin is beautiful leather jacket was designed and made for a very popular Rock Star to be used on one of his international stage shows in 2017. Since than we have produced it also for our customers adding some extra details and sometimes we made it more simple by changing some details for our classy customers.

The jacket has a detachable hood and the lining can be made also with thicker materials to keep you warmer in winter. It can be made also in black leather or in distressed leather including military green.

The price is a little higher than the others because of too much work and details made by hand. The folds on the sleeves need to have some thicker material to be added in between the leather and the lining and this makes it a little less comfortable but than one has to decide between being comfortable or a smart fashionable guy.

Justin brown leather jacket

I would suggest it also in a very light suede leather made out of the famous Spanish entrafino quality which is unique in its lightness and softness but stil very durable and resistant to all the climate changes.

It is important to know if you are very tall just in case you want to order it custom so that it has to be made longer than usual or shorter if not. Some skins can be mat and others can be shiny it just depends on your taste ,as this is very personal it is best to point it out before ordering.

We provide your initials or monogram on each PUNTOPELLE jacket only if required when ordering.

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