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Leonardo Leather Jacket

Leonardo Leather Jacket

Leonardo leather jacket

Leonardo Leather Jacket was designed in honor of the new arrival in our family, our grand son.

It was named so after him.

This is a reversible jacket on one side and a rain coat on the other one.

It is the perfect style for the younger customers as the price is affordable for everyone, in fact it starts from €1.200,00.

This handcrafted piece comes in dark chocolate color on the leather side and black material on the other side and has a removable hood and collar and is available in every size from small up to XXXL.

The skins used for this cut are really soft but also durable and water resistant.

Come check it inside our atelier in Via Margutta 45, near the Spanish step.

Together we can customize it and make it your own handcrafted, unique and made in Italy leather jacket.

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Sefa Sezgin

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