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Best leather shops in Rome

Best leather shops in Rome


For years, PuntoPelle has been the best leather shops in Rome, producing genuine leather garments that symbolize Italian craftsmanship.

Every step of the leather jacket processing takes place in our store, ensuring the best results through careful leather selection, expert tools, and craftsmanship.

Sefa Sezgin personally guides customers through leather and jacket style choices to the final production stages.

The customer is always the focus of our production project.

PuntoPelle fosters a friendly, family environment where Sefa’s wife Tiziana and son Selim contribute to creating these garments.

It’s a cradle of authentic Made in Italy, honoring ancient traditions passed down with deep respect for craftsmanship and human creativity.

We offer exclusive products for discerning customers who appreciate fine leather goods.

Sefa Sezgin, a master craftsman and seasoned merchant with 40 years of experience, birthed the PuntoPelle brand.

The Sezgin family boasts a long tradition in the leather business.

Sefa skillfully combines pure leather craftsmanship with a fresh perspective, meeting the demands of the evolving market.

PuntoPelle embraces both the Italian and foreign markets, upholding an age-old tradition.

Choosing a PuntoPelle leather garment means choosing quality, professionalism from our tailors and craftsmen, all at the best market price.

Puntopelle, The Best Leather Shops in Rome.

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