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PuntoPelle has been producing genuine leather garments, the symbol of Italian craftsmanship for years. The processing of our leather jackets takes place entirely in our Rome Store, where the choice of leather and the stitching of them give the shape and a “TOP” product of Made in Italy leather goods!


Sefa Sezgin personally follows its customers from the choice of leathers to the personalized design and to the final product. The customer is always at the center of the entire production project of leather garments, from the choice of leather to the definition of the model, from cutting to stitching, from testing to definitive delivery. PuntoPelle di Sefa Sezgin is a place of friendship, a family environment where with his wife Tiziana and son Selim they create the dream of customers who love leather goods. PuntoPelle is the cradle of authentic made in Italy, made of tradition and with respect for craftsmanship, inventiveness and, above all, exclusive products aimed at customers with great distinction and love for quality leather goods. PuntoPelle is the guarantee of made in Italy leather goods!

PuntoPelle is a brand born thanks to the intuition of Sefa Sezgin, a master craftsman and a skilled merchant with forty years of experience.

The Sezgin family, in fact, has a long tradition in the leather bussiness, Sefa has been able to combine pure leather craftmanship and a renewed look, in order to better respond to new market needs.
Combine the best Italian tradition and style to the fashion of the moment. PuntoPelle offers leather garments with a unique, immediately recognizable style, a total look including jackets, pants, coats and various accessories, all with strictly top quality leather and manufactured all in our leather store in Rome.
PuntoPelle faces the Italian and foreign markets and carries on its shoulders an ancient tradition: Choosing a PuntoPelle leather garment means choosing quality, the professionalism of the tailors and craftsmen and the best price on the market.





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