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Blazer jacket

Blazer jacket

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Blazer jacket is one of our most sold jackets since the last 20 years.

Blazer jacket is realized in two versions, suede or nappa leather is our top selling article since ever.

This jacket is made by hand and the stitchings around the pockets and all around the lapels are  sewn by hand.

Two splits at the back but some people ask for only one split at the central back.

The suede leather can be washed also in the washing machine or at the dry cleaner (highly specialized)

We grant full time free assistance on all our Puntopelle garments.

The price of this Jacket is 1500 € in both leather or suede versions.

The button holes on the sleeves are perfectly working.

Puntopelle in Via Margutta 45 is the place to see the full collection.

There are a very large selection of skins and colors.

Some customers have bought dozens of these jackets in many colors.

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