Leather Shops in Rome

By Sefa Sezgin

Leather shops in Rome

When it comes to shopping in Rome, the city has everything; the streets are lined with storefronts of every kind and flavor. 

But luxe international brands and affordable, fast-fashion stores dominate the landscape, so finding those unforgettable, 

one-of-a-kind boutiques is an adventure.

 You’ll have to traverse neighborhoods and meander down side streets to find that meticulous leather artisan,

 the incredible contemporary concept store designer all hidden in plain sight.

 Step into this shop and you’ll find more than just a beautiful gift, you’ll find stories from people who live and love in Rome.

 And the footwork will be worth it step into Puntopelle at Via Margutta 45 ( one of these artisan’s shops) 

and you’ll have a chance to see the real Rome.

Leather Goods in Rome

The exquisite leather goods made in Italy are among the world’s best, 

making this European country is a must-visit destination for leather lovers. Italy is fairly overflowing with lush, high-quality leather,

 from the fashionably chic cities to the quaint villages that dot the Italian countryside. Although it’s possible to spend a fortune on bags and wallets in Italy, some savvy shopping can help you squeeze the most out of your euros.
Learn how to spot inferior leather and knock-off pieces to make sure you don’t blow your vacation money on poor-quality goods. 

If a leather piece has a chemical smell, pass on it. Also, inspect the stitching, grommets, tags and other details to look for shoddy work and imperfections.

 A good leather piece will be beautifully crafted, down to the smallest details. Finally, check for a “Made in Italy” tag to ensure your leather is the real deal.
Of all the places to shop in the world, Italy is ranked near or at the top of the list. There are fabulous finds both in the big cities like Rome, as well as in smaller destinations around the country. There are many specialty items worth bringing back from a trip to Italy, including leather jackets and coats. So keep an open eye (and wallet) at the ready for Italian treats and treasures along the way.

Our Handmade Leather Jackets

Puntopelle leather shop

At Puntopelle there is a team who takes care of you right from the beginning of your visit.

 They will show you a very large collection for both man and woman in different colors and details and they’re not pushy as they want you to be happy with your life time jacket. Once you pick up the style than they will show you different kinds of lamb skin or exotic skins if you require.

Than both Sefa and Tiziana will measure you for your new jacket , this will take them about 10 minutes. In about 3 or 4 weeks time you will receive your custom coat at you home by Fedex.

Everything is included in the price which starts at 900€ and can come up to 1800€ depending on the style and materials you want to add to your order (like the silk or Loro Piana cashmere lining).



Looking for a Made in Italy Leather Jacket?

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Hess deer/mink


Hess Deer/mink is a beautiful reversible bomber jacket style made out of soft deer skins and mink skins.

Extremely light in weight but very warm, Hess deer/mink jacket is a timeless precious garment.

One side is in black deer skin and the other side is in black mink.

Closing with zip.

2 side pockets with zip.

Length of the jacket 26 inches.

Hess Deer/Mink can be custom made also in other colors on request on the bespoke section.

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Hess deer/mink




Cresby is an exclusive mink jacket with up-collar  in black color.

Its fitted line and the horizontal processing make Cresby jacket a gorgeous masterpiece.

Closing with zip.

2 side welt pockets.

Lining in bemberg

2 inner pockets.

length of the jacket 27 inches.

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