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puntopelle negozio di pelle a roma

Forbes wrote an article on Puntopelle

With a great surprise Forbes wrote an article on PuntoPelle. They visited our boutique as they were in Rome city centre to promote the artisans heritage of our city, to let you know the history, the magic behind generations of art, creativity and traditions of the eternal city. They were amazed to visit our store , to see our

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The Making of a leather jacket

If you are wondering how your leather jacket went from chewing grass in a field to the stylish super soft garment that looks good through the seasons, working wonderfully in all weather conditions, then no wonder no more.

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Perfecto biker jacket

Chiodo Biker Jacket

Chiodo Biker Jacket is an evergreen classic lambskin jacket which never runs out of fashion. Born in the USA in 1913 from the genius of two brothers Irving and Jack Scott who designed it on request from a motorcyclist to protect himself from the cold an the rain…

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Our raw materials

Our raw materials are made of an exquisite quality at affordable prices, we offer tailor-made leather garments according to your goals and wishes.

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Our Leather Workshop

If you stop by our boutique in Via Margutta 45 you will see, behind our amazing jackets
and selection of leathers and colors, where the magic happens and where we craft your Unique Piece.

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Our Leather

For years we have been bringing a new style of high fashion into the Eternal City of Rome.

The process of selecting our materials is highly accurate, Sefa and Tiziana personally choose the leather they are working on.

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Justin black leather jacket

Justin B Leather Jacket

Justin B is beautiful leather jacket was designed and made for a very popular Rock Star to be used on one of his international stage shows in 2017.

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Daniele leather jacket


Daniele is a short leather jacket and is one of our best selling pieces.

The style was named after our Italian customer Daniele.

Who has ordered and designed himself this tailored jacket.

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Peter bomber jacket

Bomber for man

Bomber for man is a best seller since many years.
We have improved this leather bomber jacket and made it in a lighter and smoother leather, tailoring and fitting it better.

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cashmere sable vest

Cashmere Sable vest

This is a reversible vest in Loro Piana wool/cashmere  fabric with sable fur in the front part and all around the hood.

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best leather shops in rome

Man Coat in Black Mink

Man coat in black mink was specially designed for one of our VIP customers from Italy, an authentic Italian guy who is our long time customer and owns already many Puntopelle jackets.

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leather jackets in rome

Lev Zip Python

Lev Zip Python is a perfect tailored  jacket, it really fits perfect and is created in many lambskin and exotic skins.

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leather jackets in rome

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket is a suede lambskin jacket created by Puntopelle team, it is a light suede leather jacket in a golden light brown color with 2 pockets inside with zipper and 2 pockets outside.

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pony biker

Pony Biker Jacket

Pony biker jacket is very soft and light leather jacket.

This jacket is made in different skins, colors and kind of prints.

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